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Study and play Ice Hockey in GRONINGEN

GIJS Groningen starts a new initiative to offer a possibility for young players (girls & boys, domestic and international) a good education/diploma at University of Groningen founded 1614 (second oldest University in Netherlands) in your chosen field and to continue to play ice hockey with GIJS Groningen at high level.

  • Information about courses you can find at University of Groningen webpage
  • Information about ice hockey you can find at GIJS Groningen webpage

GIJS Groningen competing at highest level in Women`s competition and Eredivisie in man`s competition with aspiration of going as high is possible in future. GIJS Groningen runs a development team as well for those who are not just ready for highest level of competition. The club runs an RTC talent development program and a summer off ice program to. The coaching staff has a lot of international qualification and experience. (Head coach Csaba Kercso from Hungary, skills coach Frankie Hart from Canada)

The benefits for this plan:

  • For Dutch players:
    you can continue your favorite sport and complete your studying at the same time. By joining GIJS Groningen you can improve your skills and hockey IQ with our experienced coaching staff.

  • For international players:
    continue playing ice hockey in different environment, experiencing the rich culture and social life of The Netherlands.

  • For Dutch ice hockey:
    having international players from higher ranking countries with different ice hockey culture will influence local players The knowledge of the game, technically-tactically will improve our players to. The idea is to get them involved on coaching youth and we are expecting them to be role models for our young talents. We hope some of them will want to live in Netherlands in that way we can have good players and coaches for Dutch ice hockey community.

NOTE: We need the support and promotion from NIJB. We are proposing that those international players who are studying in Groningen to be considered local players during there years of studying other vise the program is not viable.

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