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Orléans Loiret Hockey Club organiseert: Internationaal Jeugd Toernooien

Orléans Loiret Hockey Club organiseert: Internationaal Jeugd Toernooien
Orléans Loiret Hockey sur Glace houdt haar jaarlijkse internationale jeugdtoernooien in Mei 2022, waar zij teams uit heel Europa mogen ontvangen (België, Luxemburg, Zweden, Zwitserland, Servië, VK, Nederland en Oostenrijk). Er zijn nog enkele plaatsen vrij voor de U9 (7-8 mei), U11 (14-15 mei) en U13 (26-27 mei) toernooien, dus aarzel niet als je interesse hebt om deel te nemen of als je verdere informatie wilt ontvangen.
Zie hieronder de officiële uitnodiging (in het Engels) Voor vragen of aanmelding, stuur een mailtje naar Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. 
Dear hockey friends,

Orleans Hockey Club is pleased to invite you to International Youth Hockey Tournament.
Tournament organisation:
● The tournament is limited to a total of 8 teams.
● Teams must be made up of a minimum of 10 players and a net minder and maximum of 17 players and 2
net minders.
● Associations of clubs is accepted.
● Thursday (dinner) and Friday (lunch) meals are obligatory for players and staff members. The meals will
be served at the ice rink and they must be paid for at least 1 month before the tournament. It is also possible
for people accompanying to reserve meals.
● Sandwiches, hot and cold drinks and other fast food will be available.
● Inscription fee of 250 € per team
● Deposit of 100 € returned at the end of the tournament
● 10 € cost per meal per person
Inscription formalities:

Registration deadline: U13 April 3rd 2022, U9 & U11 April 8th 2022

● Registration form (see below)
● Registration is effective on registration of payment and the deposit (cheque payable to O.L.H.G or bank
transfer, please ask for details)
● One month before the tournament, please send us:
o The list of players (name, shirt number, and license number)
o Club logo
o Jersey colours
o A team photo
● At the beginning of the tournament, prior to the first match, please present the licences for all players and
team managers
● If more than 8 teams register, a waiting list will be created and clubs will be informed.
● Tournament is open to players with a U13 FFHG/IIHF license (2009, 2010 and 2011).
Tournament rules:
● Matches are 2 times 15 minutes without stoppages.
● Warm-up 3 minutes (without puck).
● To avoid delays in the planning, teams should be ready by the ice 5 minutes before the start of the match
● Teams must leave the ice at the final buzzer
Tournament rankings:
The ranking from the pool stage of the tournament are the same as a championship; at half-time, scores will
be reset to zero and the points will be calculated as below:
● Period Won: 3 points
● Period Lost: 1 point
● Period Drawn: 2 points
For the second part (knockout stage) of the tournament, the winning team will be the team that has scored
the most goals at the end of the match, the scores are not reset to zero at half-time.
The games will be refereed by referees from Orléans or referees from competing clubs.


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